MarinePlanet is of a team of charter skippers who aim to share their knowledge about their favorite sailing area. Our intention is providing valuable information to sailors who want to prepare thoroughly their sailing holiday. In fact, it took each of us years to discover attractive spots; where to tie up a yacht and (not less important) where preferably nót to drop the anchor? We all started as yacht skippers and yes, we also learned by mistakes.

With the camera around our necks we strolled along coastlines, rented a motorbike or climbed mountains to find the best point of view to catch a picture. MarinePlanet provides you with the missing pieces you would like to know before you pack your bags.

The added value of our Apps?

Today’s sailors navigate with genius electronic devices which unfortunately do not inform about the view, greenery, picturesqueness, shelter or the quality of the anchor ground. There are many questions left to a yachtsman like: Is there a tavern? Supermarket? Electricity and potable water? Do you want to stretch your legs for a stroll in a picturesquely village? Or do you prefer nightlife? Are you dreaming about waking up in a pristine spot behind the anchor for a morning jump overboard? But is it safe there? The answers are in MarinePlanet. We have been there. It was our job.

With MarinePlanet your cruise starts out at home

The locations in our apps are carefully selected and structured by specific submenu’s like: About, Approach, Mooring and FYI (additional info). Without internet your app is more than complete. It includes significant detailed charts and moreover pictures from each spot. Provided your device is connected to the web, we selected all relevant links for an actual weather forecast at your current location or planned destination and, concerning historical and cultural background, we refer to specific Wikipedia links. Moreover we selected web links which refer to Cruiserswiki and, in case you doubt of what we claim, some sensational YouTube links.

Although most of us are Dutch, we choose for (American) English to provide all kind of yachtsmen with our efforts. For checking our first texts we need thank Kelly Thayer (U.S.) and Rudy Kuehnle (Canada) for their patience.

We do not mind at all if crews of roving cruisers or motor yachts consult our insights. On the contrary: we invite yacht crews of any yacht to update us with new information, other tips and tricks or fascinating pictures.

And yes, we are enthusiasts..

Have a nice sailing and remember one thing when you embark: ‘Dreamers never sleep’.