About the app

Today’s sailors navigate with genius electronic devices, which unfortunately do not inform about the view, greenery, picturesqueness, shelter or the quality of the anchor ground. There are many questions left to a yachtsman. Is there a tavern? Supermarket? Electricity or potable water? Looking for a picturesquely village to stretch your legs? Or do you prefer nightlife? May be you dream about waking up in a pristine spot for a morning jump overboard. The answers are in MarinePlanet. We have been there. It was our job.

Apps produced by MarinePlanet are based on two parts:

1) General info for sailing the Argo-Saronic Gulf:

General info
Weather forecast
Navigation and Ports
Your chartered yacht
Natural Phenomena
Tips and tricks

2) Ports, approaches and indispensable information about the Argo-Saronic Gulf:

About the area
About the yacht charter base
Points of attention in the area
Distance table between all port locations

Ports & Anchorages:

  • About
  • Approach
  • Mooring
  • For Your Information
  • Actual weather forecast for every port & anchorage
  • Detailed chart of the selected port or anchorage