Marine Planet

From sailors for sailors

Marine Planet is a team of charter skippers who aim to share their   knowledge about their favorite sailing area. Our goal is providing valuable information to sailors who want to prepare all aspects for a relaxed sailing holiday.

Although most of us are Dutch charter skippers, we decided tot choose for basic (American) English to provide more nationalities of yachtsmen with our expertise. In fact, it took each of us years to discover new, attractive spots and yes, we also learned by making mistakes.

Besides sailing, we strolled along coastlines with the camera around our necks. We rented motorbikes and climbed mountains to find the best points of view to catch a picture for an accurate approach and mooring. We shot pictures from idyllic anchor bays, hidden tavernas and enchanting spots with nice views.

You can count on us to help you plan your cruise of a lifetime: the missing pieces you would like to know before you pack your bags. Our app provides indispensable information aboard of every yacht.

We wish you safe and smooth sailing and remember one thing when you embark: ‘Dreamers never sleep’.


Team Marine Planet