Argo-Saronic Gulf

This sailing area is now available in the App Store en Google Play. When you scan the QR code, you will easily find our app. Enjoy!

It takes some years before you master the do’s and don’ts in the Argo-Saronic Gulf. Our team of professional yacht charter skippers collected all aspects for an efficient cruise-plan. Stored with particular pictures and harbor maps, all possible destinations and idyllic anchorages are accurate described. Specific nautical hyperlinks (like weather) will make your itinerary up-to-date. This app contains more than a sailor needs.

What you will find inside the app? Here are some features:

  • All information about sailing in Greece
  • Accurate descriptions about all Approaches and Moorings
  • Distance tabel between all destinations
  • Swipe function through the pages
  • Operational without internet (after viewing the app with connection to the internet, these pages are stored at your device.)
  • Relevant information regarding attractions on each location
  • Interactive links like weather, historical background etc.

Download the app now.

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