A first time can hurt

Due to a lack of wind we needed to start the engine to fulfill  our adventurous first 60 Nm trip from Poros to Monemvassia. Once between the lines we nodded proudly to each other with a beer. But this seemed to be a bit premature.

Next morning we were less arrogant when we awoke with the rustle of the sea. On the pier our voices were blown away while our faces became pale from fear. The wind howled over deck. Bf. 7 may be 8? We felt stupid about yesterday’s haughtiness. Yesterday Athens was so close but now… so far away. Leaving with this wind would be irresponsible and we felt doomed to stay here our entire life because the weather was that horrible…. we believed this would never change.

A fisherman noticed our worries and doubts and told us by hand gestures to untie and sail up north along the Peloponnese coast. He emphasized ‘Up north… the wind will diminish in a couple of miles and finally reduce to zero’. Assuming his statement was unbelievable (high waves flooded the pier) we were in a terrible situation but prepared for sea. Anxious and moaning, we closed portholes, deck hatches and fastened lifejackets and lifelines. Brrr…

Sailing out over starboard we created some safe distance from the coast. After t wo Nm we tacked to port with a reefed rig. While spectacular sailing we saw the Peloponnese coast passing by but again… not for long. The wind force diminished and after 20 miles the wind disappeared completely like the old fisherman predicted. With a sigh of relief we jumped over board for a swim in front of Leonidhion. On the radio we heard about Bf 7 (30 knots) in the Aegean. ‘Almost unbelievable’ we thought again.