A traditional folk with backbone

Greek people are proud and have a soul. A clear sign of this is the origin of the blue and white colors of houses and buildings. That arose during the domination of the Turks when the Greek blue and white flag was banned. By painting the houses blue and white the residents expressed their protest, an ultimate form of nonviolent resistance.

Greeks are proud to be the oldest democracy and that ‘civilization’ has its origins here. It is a traditional folk what seizes every opportunity to build a party. Besides the known common holidays like Christmas, New Year etc. on October 28 the Greek extensively celebrate the day on which they refused to surrender to the Germans. Furthermore 70 percent of Greeks have a Biblical name and they celebrate his or her name day instead of a birthday. Because of the close family  ties, these parties are busy and large families have weekly parties somewhere. In August, Greece is paralyzed by holiday madness.

So laconic and disinterested as they seem to live, they can suddenly rise up as one man, not only during elections or football as well as a people not served by too much government interference. The government had the intention to end the immense chaotic parking problem in overcrowded Athens. The parking meter was introduced. The people grumbled. The parking meters were placed, no one paid. Fines were widely issued, no one paid. Eventually the government removed the meters. The people had spoken.

But bureaucracy and paperwork waiting for approval paralyze the country. Sailors are faced with half-built harbor piers that sometimes contain underwater obstacles. Finishing work on quays and piers often takes decades.