Engine faillure

A client, anchored in Porto Heli (60 Nm away from Athens)  phones his yacht broker about having an engine failure. Something must be wrong with the gearbox because the forward throttle doesn’t respond however reverse is still working without a problem. The responsible yacht manager immediately organizes a bigger substitute yacht which needs to be transferred by a pro skipper to ‘the place where the problem occurred’.

He personally takes his scooter for a 180 km ride from Athens to Porto Heli. Once there, he apologizes for the inconvenience while he also helps to transfer the entire luggage of the client to the substitute yacht.

Without criticizing or blaming the client, he compensates for the lost day and wishes the client a nice continuation of their holiday. For the return trip to Athens, the colleague skipper returns home via the scooter but the yacht manager, because of lack of wind, brings the yacht back to Athens by engine; the whole distance in reverse of course.