The living legend of Hydra answers to the name Pantelis.  This ex commando, whose age you can only guess, spends a large part of his life on his little sailboat. He was never officially installed as a harbor master but on a certain day he probably declared the port his domain. Legal port authorities seldom show up (except to point out to skippers they have to pay a harbor fee) and tolerate this horrifying bearded torso with a friendly smile. Yacht crews, who visit the territory of Pantelis, meekly submit themselves immediately to the directions from his raucous raised voice. Agitated, by how stupidly some sailors maneuver, he rows his red dinghy through the port, while his eyes follow every movement in port Hydra.

But contrary to officials, Pantelis helps! Independent of yacht size he helps selflessly and indiscriminately. In severe troubling situations, when no other solution is left, he dives to the bottom to clear entangled anchors and chains regardless weight or size. After standing on the bottom, he tenses his muscles and then returns above water like an air balloon. Of course he will not refuse a hidden monetary tip. Without his help and knowledge, some yachts with severe anchor problems are condemned to Hydra. This hermit of Hydra speaks moderate English (which he thinks it is excellent), seems always to be awake and is worth his weight in gold in this gorgeous but difficult yacht port.